New Android Emulator for Xamarin Development in Visual Studio 2015 – AND IT JUST WORKS!!! (Xamarin Android Player XAP deprecated!)

From the first day that I have been using Xamarin for cross-platform development, it was a struggle. One of the biggest pain-points was the use of emulators. While deploying and debugging code on a real device worked, I always had issues with emulators. My experience with the Android Emulators I tried using various emulators to […]

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Article Published (Windows Developer): Introduction to Azure Mobile Apps

The Windows Developer Magazin (https://entwickler.de/windows-developer-magazin) recently published my article about Azure Mobile Apps in its 9.16 edition: https://entwickler.de/windows-developer-magazin/windows-developer-9-16-255482.html   Azure Mobile Apps Azure Mobile Apps, known as Mobile Services before, are a set of services offered by the Azure Cloud to support mobile app development. At the heart is a cloud-based, scalable application backend. It […]

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Article Published (Windows Developer): Integration with Azure Logic Apps

The Windows Developer Magazin (https://entwickler.de/windows-developer-magazin) recently published my article about integration with Azure Logic Apps in their 8.16 edition: https://entwickler.de/windows-developer-magazin/windows-developer-8-16-252340.html       The article introduces Azure Logic Apps and explains how Logic Apps can be used to connect Software As A Service offerings with custom code.   The Azure App Service This section explains […]

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Session@Developer Week 2016: Läuft nicht? Gibt’s nicht! Troubleshooting in Visual Studio 2015

——————————————————————————————————————– Dieser Blog Post ist eine Kopie von http://www.developer-week.de/, wo der Originalpost von mir publiziert wurde: http://www.developer-week.de/Blog/Laeuft-nicht-Gibt-s-nicht ——————————————————————————————————————— I  Troubleshooting in VS2015 Software die einfach so perfekt läuft? Das gibt’s leider immer noch nicht. Stürzt ab, ist zu langsam, ist instabil – jeder Entwickler kennt das nur allzu gut. Wenn’s mal nicht so läuft, dann […]

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Session@Developer Week 2016: Hätten Sie’s gewusst? Tipps und Tricks in Visual Studio 2015

——————————————————————————————————————– Dieser Blog Post ist eine Kopie von http://www.developer-week.de/, wo der Originalpost von mir publiziert wurde: http://www.developer-week.de/Blog/Haetten-Sie-s-gewusst-Tipps-Tricks-in-VS15 ——————————————————————————————————————— In den letzten Jahren hat sich Visual Studio zu einem wahren Koloss einer Entwicklungsumgebung entwickelt. Die Liste an Funktionen erscheint schier endlos. Folgend einige spannende Tricks für mehr Produktivität. Clipboard-Ring Code mit den Befehlen „Ausschneiden (Cut)“, „Kopieren […]

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Article Series published: Powershell für .NET-Entwickler

This post describes the article series about Powershell that I wrote for Windows Developer and shows a couple of samples. The Windows Developer Magazin (https://entwickler.de/windows-developer-magazin) published my article series on Powershell for .NET Developers. Die Grundlagen für die DevOps-Welt Teil 1: PowerShell für .NET-Entwickler https://entwickler.de/windows-developer-magazin/windows-developer-5-16-237794.html Entwickeln mit Power Shell-Unterstützung Teil 2: Praxisbeispiele aus dem DevOps-Alltag […]

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Azure PowerTip 3: Don’t get lost in Azure. Use the “Interactive Azure Platform Big Picture”.

This post introduces the “Interactive Azure Platform Big Picture” hosted at: http://azureplatform.azurewebsites.net/en-us/ I just stumbled across this recently. But I LOVE it! It is very easy to get lost in the hundreds of Azure services and building blocks. Of course, you get a lot of info from the Azure Service Directory: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/   Or the […]

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Where is ImageMagicks convert.exe?

I recently had a problem at a customer site. Our application uses http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php for image conversion. If you don’t know ImageMagick, you should get to know it. Its amazing!   What is Image Magick? Say you have an image of the hulk in JPG format that you want to convert:   hulk.jpg   How would […]

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Great Article: 20 years of Microsoft Windows by Peter Bright from arstechnica.com: From Windows NT to Hololens in 2 Decades

Source: www.arstechnica.com   Today I stumbled upon an article that blew my mind. Peter Bright (@drpizza) from www.arstechnica.com wrote an amazing article about what Microsoft did with Windows over the last 2 decades. I think the article covers every Microsoft related term that I have ever heard: Windows NT, Win32, WinRT, XBox, Hololens and so […]

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Azure PowerTip 2: So what exactly is “Classic Azure”, “V1”, V2” and “ARM”?

Especially Azure beginners often struggle with the differences between the classic deployment model in Azure and the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) model. This posts explains the differences from my point of view. Have fun reading. So what is “classic” and what is “ARM”? As you might or might not know, there are two different deployment […]

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Azure PowerTip 1: Installing Azure Powershell using the Web Platform Installer

This post explains how to install the Microsoft Azure Powershell Commandlets using the Web Platform Installer (WPI). Today, there are a multitude of ways how you can manage your Microsoft Azure Resources. Often, I find myself fiddling around in the Azure Portal and creating, deleting and configuring stuff. However, since I have become a big […]

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